Welcome to FiftyTwoWords


What is FiftyTwoWords?

FiftyTwoWords is an Irish based initiative founded in February 2015 by two friends John and Diarmuid. Both work for the Irish Defence Forces and have a passion for unearthing inspiring and interesting stories. FiftyTwoWords provides a forum for speaker engagement style events with one aim which is to create an environment that excites and engages all our participants on a range of diverse topics. Each event is focused around one word or one theme and we explore each word through the eyes of various speakers, and also through your eyes. We have developed FiftyTwoWords as a way to attract and bring people together to hear and share valuable and interesting stories.

We are called FiftyTwoWords because we dream of one day being able to run an event for fifty-two weeks of the year with fifty-two separate themes… Imagine that!


Why did we set up FiftyTwoWords?

FiftyTwoWords was set up in order to provide a platform for people to share their stores, experiences and perceptions of words. Diarmuid and John are keen to provide an alternative social outlet for the people of Ireland on a regular basis.They are also keen to attract speakers to come, share their stories and exchange ideas.

Our philosophy is simple. First we create an event, then we define the theme and once the speakers are chosen, we let each of them and you engage, on what we hope to be an interesting adventure.


Where will FiftyTwoWords events take place?

FiftyTwoWords speaker style events will take place at various locations around Ireland. To date FiftyTwoWords events have been conducted in Dublin but the team are excited about bringing FiftyTwoWords to other cities, town and locations around Ireland.


What is the format of a FiftyTwoWords event?

A typical FiftyTwoWords event will consist of four speakers. Each will share their stories, experiences and understanding of the chosen word. Speakers will speak for approximately 15 mins.

At each event we will also provide our audience with the opportunity to ‘Define Your Words’ and share their own perspective on the chosen word. Speakers will have a maximum of 2-3 minutes to tell a short story or share an experience about the chosen word. We encourage all to participate and all speakers will come away with a ‘I spoke at FiftyTwoWords Certificate’.

The events finish with a Q & A session live on stage where audience members and Twitter followers can ask those crucial questions to all of the guest speakers.


How can I engage in FiftyTwoWords?

You can engage FiftyTwoWords in a number of ways. If you have a story or an experience that you would like to share, please get in touch.

Similarly, at each FiftyTwoWords event we will provide audience members with an opportunity to share their stories and experiences during our audience segment of the show. This has been a real success at our previous events.

If you know of anyone or have any suggestions for speakers at future FiftyTwoWords events please do drop us a mail with suggestions and topics for discussion.

Also if you have any questions please get in touch using our ‘Contact Us’ page.