Meet the FiftyTwoWords Team!

Diarmuid O’ Flynn - Co-Founder FiftyTwoWords

Diarmuid is from Co. Cork and has long been a huge fan of speaker style events since he can remember. He has a degree in Commerce from NUI Galway and is currently studying an MA in Social Media Communications in DCU, Dublin. He is keenly interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.

His passion, is in challenging people’s perceptions in the ways that we view the world. Aside from his work he enjoys late night music sessions, high-speed internet, off topic podcasts and exploring the outdoors.

During Diarmuid’s military career he has served in Lebanon and in the Golan Heights, Syria. On his own time he has travelled to over thirty countries.

Through FiftyTwoWords he hopes to provide a platform for people to share their experiences and their stories and in turn promote some discussions and raise some awareness for some worthwhile endeavours and causes.

John Murphy - Co-Founder FiftyTwoWords

John is from Co. Kerry and immediately jumped on board when Diarmuid told him about the FiftyTwoWords idea. John served with Diarmuid as a Peacekeeper in Lebanon and it was there in 2013 that the idea of running events to allow people to share their experiences, first rose it’s head above the parapet, so to speak.

John has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Limerick and is also the managing director of Bold Puppy, an Irish video production company he set up with his brother James.

The idea of hosting events to discuss and explore everyday issues and to then film them seemed like a logical fit. When John isn’t busy working or trying to organise the next FiftyTwoWords event, he likes to compete and complete multi-day endurance races, which so far have seen him travel to places as wild and wonderful as Iceland and Nepal to name but a few of the nearly fifty countries he has travelled to, so far.