Dr. Shane Hegarty – Speaker at ‘Struggle’

“Fifty Two Words is a fantastic platform for people to share their unique ideas, perceptions and experiences about a specific word or theme. I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in the ‘Struggle’ event, which allowed me to explore and research my concept of ‘Struggle’, and then share these ideas with the audience in an ideal setting. It was an engaging, inspiring and educational event, and the other speakers and audience participation were fantastic. During the course of the event, I learned a lot about myself, other people and the world, and questioned my own ideas and concepts. I look forward to future Fifty Two Words events, as such experiences are too valuable to miss.”

Anne Quinlan – Audience member at ‘Struggle’

“Really enjoyed the talks…… I am really looking forward to the next show”

Denise Brannick – Audience member at ‘Struggle’

“Found the event excellent, as did my sister……these conversations need to happen more in Ireland”

Peter Varga – Audience member at ‘Struggle’ (Humans of Dublin Creator)

“We are from completely different backgrounds, Maria is a psychologist from Brazil and I am a photographer from Hungary, but we could both easily connect/relate to everything that was said during the event. Changing the way you view a word can completely remove the negative connotation people give to the moment of struggle and make you feel more powerful to deal with it. In a personal level, I can definitely say that you guys changed my view of the word “struggle” and introduced a new way of thinking, not only about the word itself but that the way we face the world can completely change the way we interact with it.

On my day by day I deal directly with the negative connotation people give to the world stranger, we were raised to believe stranger = danger, and on my work with Humans of Dublin I want to change that perception of stranger = A friend to be discovered.”

Colm Fitzgerald – Audience member at ‘Struggle’ (Speaker at ‘Risk’)

“Thought the event was great – really enjoyed it. Speakers were brilliant too.”